August 2019 - OGOGA OF IKERE

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  • Aug082019
    Ogoga of Ikere

    PHOTOS: Ikere Agogs For Odun Oba 2019

    Beauty, they say, is nature’s brag and must be showcased in courts, at feasts, and high solemnities, where most may…

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  • Aug072019
    Odun Oba 2019

    Cultural splendour at Odun Oba Festival

    This year’s Odun Oba Festival in Ikere-Ekiti offered another opportunity for those indigenous to the town at home and in…

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  • Aug072019
    Ogoga of Ikere Kingdom

    2019 Odun Oba Festival: Our Heritage, Our Pride

    The people of Ikere-Ekiti marked the 2019 Odun Oba Festival in style as the indigenes paid homage to the Ogoga…

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