PHOTOS: Ikere Agogs For Odun Oba 2019

PHOTOS: Ikere Agogs For Odun Oba 2019
August 8, 2019 Ogoga
Ogoga of Ikere

Beauty they say is nature’s brag, and must be shown in courts, at feasts, and high solemnities, where most may wonder at the workmanship. It was a new dimension in Ikere Kingdom at ODUN OBA 2019 as Ikere sons and daughters (home and abroad) trooped out to celebrate ODUN OBA 2019 on Saturday July 27, 2019 with the theme: Our Heritage, Our Pride!, Emmanuel Ogunremi reports.

As at Tuesday July 23, 2019, Hotels in Ikere Kingdom have been over booked by various guests (with spill over to neighboring communities) as guests/visitors began to arrive from Monday July 22, 2019.

Friday July 26, 2019 was dedicated for the commissioning/inauguration of new projects. Projects commissioned are:

·         T-Crown Guest House (built by Olori Olufunmilola Adejimi Adu Alagbado, Eyesorun of Ikere Kingdom)

·         Palace (Kings/VVIP) Guest House (built by Bashorun Tunde Ogunsakin (AIG Rtd))

The first point of call on Friday July 26, 2019 was T-Crown Guest House located at Ilu Olori (formerly Ugbo Olori), off Ijare Road, Ikere Kingdom. T-Crown Guest House comprises:

·         13 King & Queen Size rooms (all ensuite)

·         A Reception, Bar & Restaurant.

In camaraderie with their own, as at 2pm, group of Oloris from various Ekiti Kingdoms and environs led by Olori Margaret Bosede Adejugbe (Eyesorun of Ado-Ekiti) arrived Ikere Kingdom to celebrate with Olori Olufunmilola Adejimi Adu Alagbado, Eyesorun of Ikere Kingdom. By 3pm, all dignitaries (among whom are Hon Prince Oludaiye (Father of Eyesorun), Olori Margaret Bosede Adejugbe, Bashorun Tunde Ogunsakin, Otunba Sola Adewumi, Bobagunwa Dimeji Isiaka, Otun Eyesorun, Yeye Bobagunga, Yeye Bashorun, Mrs Yemisi Adefarati, Engr. Emmanuel Ogunremi, Hon Kayode Babade, High Chief Sapetu, Rev Omojola, all Ikere Traditional Chiefs etc) were already sited for the event.
The event started at 3:15pm with arrival of KabiyesiHon Kayode Babade (Chairman, Technical & Vocational Education Board, Ekiti State) gave the opening prayer while good will messages were delivered by: Olori Margaret Bosede Adejugbe (on behalf of all Ekiti Oloris) and High Chief Babatola Olufemi (Sapetu of Ikere Kingdom). The Guest House was jointly commissioned by Bashorun Tunde Ogunsakin (AIG Rtd) and Olori Margaret Bosede Adejugbe (Eyesorun of Ado-Ekiti) to the applause of the audience. In his address at the event, Kabiyesithanked God Almighty and appreciated Eyesorun as a helpful wife, Kabiyesi proclaimed the location of the guest house which was formerly known as Ugbo Olori as now Ilu Olori.

Next point of call was the Palace to commission the tasteful furnished Palace (Kings/VVIP) Guest House; the commissioning was performed by Agbogbomoja himself, HRM Alayeluwa, Oba Samuel Adejimi Adu Alagbado Agirilala II, the Ogoga of Ikere Kingdom. Kabiyesi gave thanks to God Almighty who in His infinite mercy made him the King over Ikere Kingdom and made his subjects supportive. The event went into climax with entertainment by Ikere born Ekiti dialect musician popularly called Saka Alowonle.

Saturday July 27, 2019

It was the D-day, as early as 8am, Palace Open courtyard was set, well decorated and Juju Maestro,  Micho Adewas already at his stand as people began to troop out for the event. At about 10am, the palace open courtyard has been filled to the brim; Ikere people both old and young were exchanging greetings while appreciating the music of Micho Ade. Then came the arrival of Ikere Traditional Chiefs from their various quarters in groups (Otu).  Ikere Traditional Chiefs danced (to beat of Bata drums) according to their Otu with their families to the palace from their respective quarter head’s house. Also National Association of Ikere Students (NAIS) entered the arena in a rally manner, they have initially conducted rally across various streets in Ikere as early as 7am.

Now came the arrival of Royal Fathers from other Ekiti Kingdoms.  HRM Oba Emmanuel Adebayo, Elemure of Emure Ekiti was the first to arrive, followed by HRM Oba Abdul-Mumuni Adebayo Orisagbemi, Arojojoye Abolokefa IV, Attah of Ayede Ekiti, then came the arrival of HRM Oba (Dr) Olatunji Samuel Olusola Atorise Yasokunrin 111, Ijagbemi 1, Olumojo of Imojo Ekiti and many Obas (as most of them are in seclusion) sent their Oloris. All Obas present came with at least five chiefs from their kingdom apart from their Olori.

At about 10:30am, Kabiyesi magnificently stepped out of the palace inner chamber with his beautiful Olori to the admiration of the audience and sat on the throne. The event started with singing of Ikere Anthem (led by Chief James Alonge, Odolofin of Okekere, Ikere Kingdom) followed by opening prayer from both Christian and Muslim Clerics. Welcome address was delivered by Otunba Sola Adewumi (Chairman Planning Committee) after which goodwill messages were delivered by Engr. Emmanuel Ogunremi (IDF 1ST Assist. National Secretary on behalf of IDF) and Bar. Adeniyi Familoni (Permanent Secretary, Bureau of Chieftaincy Affairs, Ekiti State on behalf of Gov. Kayode Fayemi).

Immediately after goodwill messages was homage paying by various groups as follows:

  • The children in multicolor costume were the first group to come out. They rendered Kabiyesi’s oriki and praises.
  • Next to pay homage was National Association of Ikere Student (NAIS). They came with their Matron (Princess Sayo Adenle Ojo).
  • Next was the NYSC members in Ikere Local Govt, they came with a performance of UNITED Nigeria, they dress in Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba attire.
  • Next was the Supreme Council of Ikere Youths (SCIY). They presented Miss Ikere 2019 to Kabiyesi. The name of Miss Ikere 2019 is Afolasade Oluwadamilola Afuye, she just graduated from Department of Health Information ManagementCollege of Health Technology, Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti State. They also presented the schools that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in ODUN OBA 2019 School Debate competitionBobas High School, Igbara Odo Rd, Ikere Ekiti came FirstHalleluyah Group of Schools, Ado Rd, Ikere Ekiti came Secondwhile St Louis Girls Grammar School, Ado Rd, Ikere Ekiti came Third. Trophies and gifts were presented to all the schools.
  • Next group to pay homage was the non-indigenes who dressed in their respective traditional attire. The Igbira tribe from Kogi State was the first group that came out with a delightful display. The Urobos,Igedes, Edos followed the Igbiras with good performance in that order.
  • Next was the turn of Registered SocietiesClubs in Ikere Kingdom to pay homage. They came in groups, dressed in Aso Ebi and paid homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Next was the playlet presentation by Ekiti State Cultural Troupe. They came with some unique Yoruba dance and Alo.
  • Next were the Hunters, as usual, their performance spoke about how they operate while hunting.
  • Then the Ibedo and Osaka Age Groups were next. Gun shots salutations rendered, the Ibedos and Osakas came out to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Next were the Honourary Chiefs and IDFOtunba Sola Adewumi led Hounourary Chiefs (BashorunBobagunwa, Yeye Bashorun, Yeye Bobagunwa, Otun Eyesorun etc) while Bashorun Tunde Ogunsakin (AIG Rtd) led IDF members (Engr. Emmanuel Ogunremi, Mrs Yemisi Adefarati, Dr Damilola Olajide etc) to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Next was the Amuludun group; Micho Ade led all Ikere born musicians to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • The Iyalojas, Iyalajes, Iyalodes were the next to pay homage.
  • The Wives of Ikere Traditional Chiefs were led by Anasin Sapetu to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Next was the Oloris, at this point, the Ikarakara Drums (Royal Drums) were brought out, the Oloris took over the beating of Ikarakara drums, it was amazing as they (Oloris) beat the drums and danced to Kabiyesi. Anyway they know many names of Kabiyesi as they were chanting his orikis.
  • The Obirin Iles (Female Chiefs) were the next; they were led by Eyesemore to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • IlumobaAgbadoAreAfao Chiefs were the next to pay homage to Kabiyesi; they were led by their respective quarter head.
  • Next were the Chiefs from Oyo quarter; they were led by Baale Oyo, Ikere Ekiti; they came with their big Sekere and Gangan drum to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Here now came the Otu Elegbes (Warriors). They danced to Kabiyesi in warlike gesture to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Next was the Otu Ologotun (Odo Oja Quarter Chiefs). They were led by High Chief E AyeniOlogotun Odo OjaIkere Ekiti; they danced to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Next was the Otu Sao (Uro Quarter Chiefs). They were led by High Chief Kayode Omodara, Sao UroIkere Ekiti; they danced to pay homage to Kabiyesi.
  • Next was the Otu Sapetu (Okekere Quarter Chiefs). They were led by High Chief Babatola OlufemiSapetu OkekereIkere Ekiti; they danced to pay homage to Kabiyesi. High Chief Sapetu later presented a white Calabash to Kabiyesi in traditional way after dancing round the palace Adodo (pole) three times.

Many eminent Ikere sons and daughters witnessed the event such as among others: Rt Hon Funminiyi Afuye(Speaker Ekiti State House of Assembly), Hon Yetunde Adamu, (Member, Technical & Vocational Education Board, Ekiti State), Mrs Funke Fajobi (Commisioner 1, SUBEB, Ekiti State), Mrs Taiwo Olowolagba, (SSA Rural Mobilization, Ekiti State), Prof Tayo AjayiPrince Adelanke AduPrincess Sayo Adenle Ojo and her husband etc

Other dignitaries at the event include: Mr Wale Ojo-Lanre (DG, Ekiti State Council of Arts and Culture), MD of Intercontinental Distillers Ltd (manufacturer of Schnapps etc) with his team, Regional Director of Globacom Ltd with his team, Members of Ekiti State Executive Council, Ekiti State FIBAN President among others.

When it was time for royal dance (Aba me hin jo o); Kabiyesi rose up to dance to Ikarakara drum beat while SakaAlowonle (Ikere born Ekiti native singer) sang; Kabiyesi danced to the appreciation of audience after which dance floor was opened to all, at this point Micho Ade took over to a superlative performance.

Intercontinental Distillers Ltd and Globacom Ltd showcased their products.

Kudos must be given to the planning committee under the leadership of Otunba Sola Adewumi for excellent performance.

Congratulations to the Prescribed Authority and Paramount Ruler of Ikere Kingdom, HRM Alayeluwa Oba Samuel Adejimi Adu Alagbado, Agirilala II, Ogoga of Ikere Kingdom. Omo Agirilala hin kan mo la hun, han latin o dijogbon. Kabiyesi, Aseyisamodun oooo.

  • T-Crown Guest House.jpeg
  • Palace Guest House.jpeg
  • Palace Guest House 2.jpeg
  • Palace Guest House 3.jpeg
  • Palace Guest House 4.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 1.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 2.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 3.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 4.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 5.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 6.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 7 (Gov Representative).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 8 (Otunba).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 9 (Otu Sao).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 10 (Otu Sapetu).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 11.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 12 (Kabiyesi).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 61 (Kabiyesi).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 13.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 14 (IKLG Representatives).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 15 (St Louis).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 16 (Chief Sapetu).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 17 (Oyo Chiefs).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 18.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 19 (Chiefs).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 20.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 21.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 22.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 23.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 24.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 25 (Bashorun Ogunsakin).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 26.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 27 (Rt. Hon Funminiyi Afuye).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 28 (HRM Elemure).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 62 (Aba me hin jo ooo).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 29 (Otu Sao).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 30 (IDF and Hon Chiefs).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 31.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 32.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 33.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 34.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 35 (Hunters).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 35.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 36.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 60 (Bata drum).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 63.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 64.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 59.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 58.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 57 (HRM Olumojo).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 56 (Yetunde Adamu).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 65.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 56.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 55 (Mr Familoni rep Gov Fayemi).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 54 (Kabiyesi & Olumojo).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 53 (Mrs Fajobi).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 52.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 66.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 51.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 50.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 49 (Halleluyah Grp of Schl).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 48 (Anasin).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 47 (NYSC).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 46 (HRM Atah).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 45 (Wives of Chiefs).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 44 (Otu Elegbe).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 43 (Ubedos).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 37 (Otu Ologotun).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 38 (Osakas).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 39 (Agbado, Are, Afao, Ilumoba Chiefs).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 40 (Emmanuel Oguremi representing IDF).jpeg
  • Odun Oba 41.jpeg
  • Odun Oba 42.jpeg

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